1. #tbt to 2008, when I put different colors in my hair and LOVED having my picture taken.

  2. These two shit bagels are enjoying the comedy show sooo much that they’ve decided they’d rather not laugh and just record it on their phones to watch and not laugh later. #Shitholes (at Mojo’s)

  3. "Ugh."

  4. My name is the only one not cut-off! Suck it, other comedians!

  5. Art. With help from @lisapockets


  7. Go listen to this, ya toolbag! #nowplaying

  8. #TBT to when I was real hardcore and singing punk songs about girls that didn’t like me.

  9. St. Patrick’s Day.

  10. Tattoo time.

  11. Nick Gorges (at The Bridge)

  12. Doing this show tonight at The Bridge. Planning on being the only non-high person there.

  13. #textsfromkilewilson

  14. Ginger beer and whiskey. (at Cafe Berlin)

  15. I got the South Park video game and have been playing it all day. It’s been a good day. #selfie #IregretNothing